What’s In There?

There’s Lots of Stuff in Here!

Venture thru…
Rainbow Tunnel See how the lights dance as your journey begins.

Funny Floor Be careful making your way through our moving floors!

Mirror Maze Designed by world renowned maze designer, Adrian Fisher- will you find your way?

Blacklight Art Hallway- You have never seen art like this before…

Spinning Light Tunnel Upside down you turn me…find out how much fun dizzy really is!

How long does it take? There is no set time limit, we encourage our guests to stay and play as long as they’d like.

Time Freak
Time Freak is a thrilling race against time! Time Freak challenges players to compete against the clock while pushing buttons as they light up. The more buttons you push, the higher your score is. Time Freak is great for all ages.
See if YOU have what it takes to be a TIME FREAK!

Atomic Rush
Pick your color and then chase it around the game arena. The more you catch it, the more points you score. Be sure not to push anyone else’s color though.

Get those fast reflexes ready!